Want to Know How Poker Came Into Being?

Slot machines have become over the last hundred years, one of the most popular games in land-based casinos. This popularity has now spread to online casinos increasing the amount of people playing slots by millions. So why are online slot machines so popular? Well, they are easy and fun to play, but they also offer the prospect of million pound jackpots and huge paybacks if lady luck smiles on the player. No wonder, online slot machines are driving a major portion of the huge growth in online casinos.


Slot machines were invented by Charles Fey, a car mechanic, who wanted a game that would amuse his customers while they waited for their cars to be fixed. These first slot machines were made of cast iron and massive in size. His first three machines were slot machines that paid out at about 1/5 per cent and became hugely successful. People soon started coming to Fey's shop just to play his slot machines even without cars to fix! When Fey saw that his slot machines were so popular, he decided to sell them to a local toy manufacturer, who would mass market them to all the casinos. The slot machine has not looked back since and although the idea is still the same; the technology and payouts of slot machines have increased dramatically. Today's online slot machines are more sophisticated, but are still easy, fun to play, and offer bigger jackpots than ever before.

How to Play

The basics of playing slots could not be easier; you deposit a coin, or coins, pull the lever, and compare the results to the machine's payout schedule and hope you're the lucky one to get a payback. There are decisions to be made about which slot machines to play and how much to play in them; careful selection by you, the player in these areas, will help you increase your winnings potential.

Online Slot Machines

The rise of computer culture led to a revolution in the design of slots. While the old machines had actual reels that spun to determine the outcome of the play, the computerized machines of today have any number of symbols on any number of reels. The symbols displayed are determined by a random number generator (RNG), which is constantly selecting a number series that correspond to the different symbols on the various reels. When a player plays, the random number generator tells the computer program which symbols should appear. The visible spinning of the reels is for entertainment value only, and has nothing to do with which symbols will eventually appear on the pay line.

Machines To Play

Online slot machines fall into two basic categories; flat tops and progressives. They differ x in the way that they payout. A flat top slot has the predetermined payouts for given combinations printed on the machine. Progressive slots feature a jackpot that grows by a percentage of each coin played in the machine. Progressive slots normally have digital readouts advertising the current jackpot total, and this can be a life changing amount of seven figures or more.

A Fun Money Making Game for All

Online slot machines are popular because they are fun and easy to play. If you learn some basic slot playing tips, you have as much chance of winning the million pound jackpots or receive a large payback as anyone else. All you need to do is learn some basic strategy.

The game of Poker dates back hundreds of years to the 15th century to the German game “Pochspiel” (speculative) which was one of the first documented games to involve betting, bluffing, and hand rankings. Evidence also points to the French game of “Poque” which was being played at about the same time that Pochspiel originated. Suffice it to say, judging from what is known of these two games mentioned here, it is quite possible that they have all influenced the evolvement of the game of Poker as we now know it.
Casinos, gambling, and Poker have become tremendously popular in the United Kingdom over the past few decades, and Poker Braintree Essex is no exception to that rule. Today, you can physically walk into any one of the numerous casinos throughout the country or you can now play a myriad of games online as well. Either way, the gaming industry has benefited and this has created a new vein of popularity for the gamblers themselves.
Additionally, where Poker Braintree Essex is concerned, the live casino venues (not online in other words), come in the form of what are referred to as “fun” casinos. A “fun casino” is a mobile or travelling venue as it were, wherein actual casino table games are brought to your venue, whatever that may be complete with personnel such as croupiers and/or dealers depending on the table game that you select. The premise of the fun casino is that you are not gambling with real money – you are playing for fun instead.
A variety of casino table games including blackjack, roulette, stud poker, or Texas Hold ‘Em (the latest craze) are brought into your venue for the purposes of a “Casino Night.” Since the gaming does not involve real money, there are oftentimes charity events or fund raisers conducted using this venue. In some instances, poker chips are actually purchased using cash and the funds are submitted to the charity that benefits for the event. Typically, at the end of the night when every player is cashing in their chips, they take what would be their winnings and donate real money in that amount to the charity or fund raiser that they have conducted.
Fun casino nights can also be conducted wherein there are prizes rewarded to the big winner, or sometimes it is set up where the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners all receive a prize. Prizes descend in value as the players descend by rank of their winnings. One way or the other you are not gambling with real cash – casino “fun money” is what is used. Either way, numerous Poker Braintree Essex venues for fun casino nights and gaming are listed online.
Another issue with fun casinos is that it is totally legal like the actual casinos are, but that is due to the fact that once the player spends their real money, it stays with the event it was purchased for. The key here is that casinos for years fought an uphill battle to get legalized in the first place, so this was a way to curb those socially unacceptable desires at that time. Suffice it to say, fun casino nights are one of the most popular entertainment venues going, especially in the UK and the US.
If you live in Braintree, it’s easy to find Poker Braintree Essex venues just by doing a quick search on the internet. You will find a number of fun casino venues as a result of your search, with sites such as Against All Odds, Funtime Fun Casinos, and High Class Fun Casino are just a few of the listings that your search will afford you.