Understanding The Basics of Video Poker

San Antonio could replace the cry "Remember the Alamo!" with "Don't forget the Spurs."

Many NBA observers predicted pre-Playoffs that Dallas successfully would defend the NBA Western Conference crown it won a year ago and go on to emerge victorious in the Finals.

Some would-be lawyers and present-day Professional Handicappers League members make a strong case for the Spurs, however.

The two Texas clubs already have displayed vulnerability and are 1-1 entering the third game of their respective opening series.

Houston's Rockets, who are up on Utah two games to one, are a third Lone Star State representative and still loom as a long shot threat in the West.

Golden State, making its first Playoffs appearance in 13 years, beat the Mavericks in Game 1, while Denver did the same to the Spurs.

Dallas was laying 4 1/2 points in Mile High City action Friday night, while San Antonio was a 2-point road choice on Saturday.

UNLV pre-law graduate Jorge Gonzalez forsees a Finals rematch of the 2005 meeting between the Spurs and Detroit, which leads Orlando 3-0 in their first-round series.

"San Antonio is going to beat the Pistons," he declared, even though the Spurs likely would have to get past Phoenix -- owner of a 2-1 edge on the Los Angeles Lakers -- before any date with the Mavs.

Right now, though, the Vegas Wise Sports Service operator and Sin City sports radio host simply is enjoying watching postseason play.

Gonzalez believes that top to bottom, this is the most talented Playoffs he recalls seeing and a tough one to pick.

"It just jumps up and grabs you," he said.

"There's true parity in the NBA this year."

The Spurs get a star from Gonzalez, who ruled the PHL's pro hoops standings last season, because of the punch their three leading scorers pack.

"(Tim) Duncan, (Tony) Parker and (Manu) Ginobili," Gonzalez said, clicking off names of the trio, which collectively staved off a late Game 2 Denver rally in San Antonio.

Gonzalez has had five No. 1 finishes since he joined the PHL about five years ago.

Nationally-known handicapper Big Al McMordie went on record targeting Dallas as the team to beat, but nevertheless had only nice things to say about the Spurs.

"San Antonio always is a dangerous team come Playoffs time, and, surprisingly, led the league in margin of victory, at plus 8.81 ppg going into (the last game regular-season game)," McMordie, an attorney by training, noted.

"The Spurs' (regular-season record wasn't as gaudy as Dallas' (58-24 vs. 67-15), but Gregg Popovich's crew bested Dallas in victory margin.

"Some of this has to do with the Spurs' poor record this year in close games, and Dallas' great record in that department.

"San Antone has blown out the bad teams this season, while struggling against the better teams ...

"I expect San Antonio to get to the Western Conference Finals, at the least."

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