Palace of Chance Casino Review

For its sheer excitement, and reliance on chance, Craps has been the professional gamblers choice for hundreds, even thousands of years.

It's fun, it's exciting and you can win at craps if you follow the simple tips below.

Gambling with dice (throwing of lots) is as old as the Bible and even older perhaps with references of dice play for money from India, China, Mesopotamia, Egypt and Greece. There are similar references from pre-Colombian civilizations.

The professional gambler is there to win at craps, not only to play and have fun. We will some basic rules to win at craps below.

The Game

The game of craps is rather simple. There is the player (called the shooter) who throws the dice. On his first roll of the dice (called 'coming out') one of three things can happen.

1.The shooter rolled a 7 or 11 and wins.

2.The shooter rolled a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10 and "makes the point". The game then continues till the point is re-made, whereby the shooter again wins, or a 7 comes out, whereby the shooter now loses.

3.The shooter rolled a 2, 3 or 12 (all called craps) and the shooter instantly loses.

Betting on the Game

There are many ways to bet and some are obligatory.

If you are the shooter, you must place a bet on the pass line. This bet will remain, unless you come out with a 7 or 11, or a 2, 3, or 12. If you make your point, you win. If you do not make your point, and roll a 7, you lose.

You must be aware that there is a house edge on craps bets, and these are with the casino and you need to select the best one to help yopu win at craps.

You can bet basically "right" (with the shooter), or "wrong" (against the shooter). Betting wrong does not mean you are betting with the casino.

You are only betting that the shooter will roll a 7 before making a point.

Winning at craps - Getting the Odds in Your Favor

A professional needs three things to win at craps.

He needs to be able to stay in the game, to be able to increase the betting while winning, and get the odds in his favor.

The math's of craps is complex, but somehow simpler than other games as you have a limited number of combinations only.

There is however one bet which brings the odds even. This is the professional gambler's bet, and it's called "free odds" and is the bet to focus on to win at craps

Betting the Free Odds bet to win at craps:

After placing a bet on the pass line and a point is established, you can place a bet on the free odds box equal to that of your pass line bet.

Say you bet $50 on the passline on the come out, and a point is established, you can bet another $50 on the space just below the pass line (this is the free odds area), and it backs up your pass line bet.

If the point comes, you win twice, and get the odds (why it's called free odds) of the point. ).

If the Point is a 4 or a 10, odds bets pay out at 2 to 1. If the Point is a 5 or a 9, odds bets pay out at 3 to 2. If the Point is a 6 or an 8, odds bets pay out at 6 to 5.

Win at craps

This strategy will keep you in the game longer and winning longer. Watch the pro, and he is betting on the free odds and he has the best chance to win at craps so follow him.

Palace of Chance online casino run on the excellent, reliable Realtime gaming system. On their web site they claim to have the fastest software on the net. So, naturally, I had to test this bold statement. I have played a lot of online games and I admit the speed of this game was far beyond any others I have played. The site is easy to navigate and has a player history report, which I just love. I have only seen a few sites with these types of reports and I think they are enormously useful for any serious player.
A quick search on the internet revealed many Palace of Chance Casino coupons for a variety of bonus offers. The casinos web site also has an enormous number of promotions listed on its web site. It was almost too much to take in. There are new customer, monthly, overnight and VIP room promotions and bonuses so makes sure you do your homework and read up on all of them. They also have some of the highest comps for keno of any internet casino.
The blackjack game ran so fast I could hardly believe my eyes. If you can get used to the speed, you can really play a lot of games in a very short period of time. Who needs coffee! I played a couple other card games which were equally as fast. There are slots galore in this casino and the graphics are terrific and the slots are smooth. Video poker is what really caught my eye. There are nine different games, each with a various number of hands. It is hard to stop playing.
Palace of Chance offers many ways for the customer to get help, including a live chat. Unfortunately, I was pretty distressed to discover that when I clicked the Help button for live chat, I was told that it did not support my browser and I needed to use IE4 or above. This is something that should be remedied as IE is not used by everyone. I only use it when I encounter situations like this.
Palace of Chance Casino is known for fast payouts and this benefit cannot be overstated when one is constantly moving cash. There are many ways to pay; their banking page is very thorough including an explanation of their banking security and encryption. With so much to offer, Palace of Chance casino makes it very hard to leave and go anyplace else. It has my recommendation.